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Zadorozhna Svitlana Volodymyrivna
Born: January, 10, 1957, in Malyn, Zhytomyr, reg .
PhD in Philology, professor, literary critic,
Zadorozhna Svitlana Volodymyrivna graduated from the TSNU, Institute of Philology in 1980. Since 1984 – teacher, completed post-graduate studies at the Faculty. Since 1991 - associate professor of history, department of Ukrainian literature. From 1999, she is an associate professor of the accrued department of history of Ukrainian literature and shevchenkoznavstva. In 1991-1994, she lectured the Ukrainian cognition course at National University of Warsaw (Poland). She reads the lecture course on history of Ukrainian literature of the XIX century and history of Ukrainian literature, from history of Ukrainian literature age of romanticism, and also special course on theme "T.Shevchenko: the human and mankind national measuring", "T.Shevchenko and romanticism". She investigates history of Ukrainian literature of the XIX c., in particular, works of Shevchenko.
Kononchuk Myhaylo Mykolayovych
Born: July, 1, 1952, in Novokyivka village, Kirovohrad reg.
PhD in Philology, professor, literary critic, prose writer.
Graduated from the TSNU, Institute of Philology, Department – philology, professor of Ukrainian language and literature. In 1989, he protected Candidate’s thesis "Feature of realism in creation of I.S. Nechuy-Levickiy (Problems of historical development)", since 1992 - associate professor. He is a research worker of Ukrainian history and literatures of the XIX c. and problems of history prose in Ukrainian literature. Author more than 50 scientific works. In this list of work, there is an article dedicated to Ukrainian history of folklore. He is an author of a number in collective monographs, manuals on history of Ukrainian literature. Basic works : Ukrainian language and literature. Task and tests. In two books. He is a member of National journalists Union in Ukraine.
Kolomijetc Volodymyr Vasylovych
Born: May, 1, 1939, in Kozarovychi Vyshgor , Kyiv reg.
PhD in Philology, professor, literary critic.
He graduated from the Kyiv teacher-training University of Drahomanov. Speciality - philologist, professor of Ukrainian language and literature. In 1989, he protected Candidate’s thesis, since 1992 - associate professor. He is a research worker of Ukrainian history and literatures of the XIX c. and problems of drama’s history in Ukrainian literature. He is an author more than 90 scientific works. In this nomenclature of scientific articles are history of Ukrainian literature and folklore.
2002 - Member of Academy of Higher school of Ukraine
Vilna Yaroslava Volodymyrivna
Born: March, 18, 1958, Kyiv
In 1980, she graduated from the TSNU, Institute of Philology, Speciality - a philologist, professor of Ukrainian language and literature. She graduated from post-graduate course of this establishment. In 1990, she protected Candidate’s thesis after speciality in Ukrainian literature and specialist in folklore. Theme of thesis : " Folk poetic traditions in dramaturgy of Mykhaylo Starytsky" . Associate professor of department History of Ukrainian literature and shevchenkoznavstva in Institute of philology.
Usatenko Halyna Olehivna
Born: April, 11, 1968, Kyiv
In 1990, she graduated from the TSNU, Institute of Philology. She worked in an university and finished post-graduate course. In 1994, she protected Candidate’s thesis “Vividly symbolic system of time in Ukrainian folklore song”. From 1995, she lectured old Ukrainian literature on the department of history of the Ukrainian literature (afterwards department of history of Ukrainian literature and shevchenkoznavstva).
Slipushko Oksana Mykolayivna
Born: November, 21, 1973, in Bereza, Summy reg.
In 1996, she graduated from the TSNU, Speciality - a philologist, professor of Ukrainian language and literature. 1996-1998 – she studied in post graduate course. In 1998, she protected Candidate’s thesis “Old Ukrainian bestiary: genesis and system”. From 2001, she lectured old Ukrainian literature on the department of history of the Ukrainian literature and shevchenkoznavstva in Institute of philology at Taras Shevchenko National University. Candidate of philological sciences.

Bachelor works
The sainted letter in Shevchenko’s creations
An epoch of Ruin is in the context of historiography conception of M.Kostomarov (on material "Chernigivka" and historical monographs)
Character’s image in dramatic works of Lesya Ukrainka
Riches and power in the historical novel of Ivan Nechuy-Levitskiy"Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky"
Romantic character in dramaturgy of M.I.Kostomarov
Intimate lyric poetry of sixteenth (after works of Lina Kostenko )
Poetry of Shevchenko ‘s last years and context of conception a man Fomma (up to the question of national panhuman in poet’s creation)
Images of atheling in the chronicles of Kievan Rus : synthesis of artistic and historical
Folk laughter tradition in Ukrainian literature from creation of travelling scribes of time Baroque to I.Kotlyarevsky, M.Hogol, E.Hucal, V.Zemlyak ‘oeuvre.
Hagiography literature of Kievan Rus
The dramatic processing and staging’s of M.P. Starytskiy on the subjects of the Ukrainian authors
Master’s works
Psychologies’ in Ukrainian poets-romanticisms’ works
Typological analysis of early ballads of T.Shevchenko and A.Mickevich.
P.Kulish's novel "Black council" : Feature of history’s vision in Ruin’s time
Character and situations in M.P. Starytsky’s original dramatic art
National idea in the Ukrainian dramaturgy in first half of XX-th century (upon the matter Lesya Ukrainka’s "Boyar", V.Vynnychenko "Between two forces", M.Kulish "the Pathetic sonata").
Autologicality of female images in Lesya Ukrainka ‘creativity.
Image of darkness in works of the Ukrainian writers (M.Hogol, M.Kostomarov, Lesya Ukrainka)
Problem of mutual relations of hero and the people in M. Starytskiy 's hero-romantic dramaturgy, (upon the creations "Bohdan Khmelnytsky", " Bush’s Defense ", "Marusya Bohuslavka", "Last night").
Hanna Barvinok’s epistolary as a source for studying her own creative biography
Poetics of national historical true in Taras Shevchenko’s artistic creativity (based on his own poetry material "On Sunday sacred, at predawn o'clock.” and “Black cloud covered white one “.
Lesya Ukrainka’s epistolary criticism.
Philosophical and personal outlook of Hrygory Skovoroda
Hero and people’ problem in heroinomania of M.I.Kostomarov.
Lesya Ukrainka- the innovator of the Ukrainian drama.
Genre Style features in Ivan Franko’s poetry.
Feature type of hero and its feat in Ukrainian hagiographical literature
Image of Sanctity in literature of the Kievan Russia. Figuratively - symbolical means of its expression.
Specificity of a historiography of the Kievan Russia: synthesis of sacral Christian bookish history, national legends, translation and real historical events.
Image of atheling in the literature of the Kievan Russia as unity of national representation about heroic and bookish embodiment of Christian righteousness.
Poem "Roksolaniya"of Sebastian Klenovich in the Ukrainian and Polish literary context.
Newly Latin poetry: ancient tradition, renaissance contemporaneity and Ukrainian perusal.
Features of the realistic nature image and people way of life in new Latin poetry of XVI century.
Ukrainian history in works of writers - polemicists end of XVI - to the beginning of XVII century.
Author’s conception of ideal society in works of Ivan Vyshensky.
Autistics facilities of polemic persuasion an emotional expression in the writing in the end of XVI - to the XVII-th century.
Figuratively symbolical baroque system in literature.
Image of Jesus Christ in metaphysical poetry in XVII-century
Dead’s monologue as a demonstration of moral baroque didactic and artistic reception.
The theory and practice of curious versification in XVII c. and demonstration of its principles in a modern life (poetry, publicity, entertaining rebuses, and all that)
Cossacks apologia in baroque literature
“Cossack chronicle” sources, specificity of a historiography and a reminiscence in fiction of new time.
Parable as remedy of didactics and demonstration of specific art thinking in old Ukrainian literature.
Feature of symbolical thinking of H.Skovoroda: synthesis of antique, bible and mythological consciousness.
“Volos book” as the most possible existing jotting of pre-Christian history of rusichi. Different interpretation and searches.
Historicism of military stories " Chronicle Russia ".
Oratorical - preaching prose of Kievan Russia as unity: sources of antique rhetoric a basis of Christian outlook and Kievan Russia culture (Illarion, V.Monomakh, K.Turovsky).
Image of sanctity in the literature of the Kievan Russia (Kievo - Pechersky patericon).
Feature of hero’s type in the hagiographical literature.
New Latin poetry: antique tradition, the Renaissance modernity, and Ukrainian perusal.
"Slovo o polku Igorevim" - Christian outlook and pagan tradition.
Galytsko-Volynsky annals and the knightly epos.
The Ukrainian polemical literature: an image of the polemist in creation
Creation of Ivan Vyshensky as precursor of the Ukrainian literary baroque
The author's concept of an ideal society in Ivan Vyshensky’s creations
Creativity of travelling sexton as the precursor of the new literature
Native history in novels of polemical literature ("Apokrisis Hristofora Filaleta", "Trenos Meletija" Smotritsky and "Caution").
Baroque Universalism in dramatic art of XVII - XVIII century (tree-level symbolization of actions)
Time as a leading idea of baroque literature
Time as an image - a symbol of baroque literature
Figuratively - symbolical system in baroque literature
Image – symbol of “orchard”, "orphan" and "another's, malicious people" in baroque literature.
Realization of baroque realism in art - symbolical acceptance of a dream
Allegory art thinking in baroque creation
Cossacks apologia in baroque literature
Heraldic and epigrammatism poetry
Image of Jesus Christ in metaphysical poetry in XVII-th century
Development of the literature of life, attention to West European, Polish and Russian hagiography.
“Synopsis "," Cossack annals "and" Annals of Samovidtsya ", and formation baroque concepts in a home historiography.
Historical figures in "Annals" of Samiylo Velychko
Problematic of the collection of Trankvylyon - Stavrovetsky " Pearl of Great Price " and character of its treatment.
Epigrammatism traditions of the Ukrainian literature in poetic creativity of Klymentiy Zinoviiva
National ideal in poems - oration and poems - cisvestitism.
Dynamics of concept "heroic", "hero", in the old Ukrainian literature
Parable as the form of thinking and knowledge of the old Ukrainian literature (from "Varlaama and Josafa" to H.Skovoroda).
H.Skovoroda and traditions of Ukrainian baroque poetry.
Allegorically - symbolical tendencies in H.Skovoroda’ works.
Ethical – aesthetic problematic in H.Skovoroda’ works
Principles of H.Skovoroda philosophy in the inheritance of the fabulist writing
Interludes of XVIII c. as the precursor of a new Ukrainian drama
Historian - memoirs prose of XVIII c. (Mykola Hanenko and Yakiv Markovych's diaries).
H.Skovorody's philosophical prose, it contraction with the antique literature and works predecessors from Kievo-Mogilyanska Academy.
The Ukrainian historical Romance during formation period.
The concept of the historical antecedent in dramatic art of M.Kostomarov
The historical antecedent in creativity of Ukrainian romanticists in 20 - 60th of XIX c. (a parity of the historical and art truth).
Poetic symbolics in creativity of the Ukrainian romanticists
Traditions of M.Hogol creativity in oeuvre of the Ukrainian writers II-nd part. XIX c. and ХХc.
Real and virtual in creativity of the Ukrainian writers in Ist part XIX c. ( H.Kvitka - Osnovyanenko, M.Hogol, Hrebinka )
The history concept in P.Kulish's stories.
Image of the author in P.Kulish's poetic collections ("Dawn", " Bowery poetry", "Bell").
Heroism of the people in emancipating war under B.Hmelnitskiy's wire (M.Kostomarov, P.Kulish, T.Shevchenko).
Features of creation and formation of an image - type in the Ukrainian dramatic art Ist part of XIX c.
Feature of perusal of "eternal" images in T.Shevchenko's creativity.
Modern poetic of shevchenkiana
Hrebinka - the romanticist (romanticism of image elements in poetry of the artist).
Psychologism of system of images in novel of Hrebinka "Doctor".
Image of Cossacks in E. Hrebinka novel " Chaikovsky "
Literary traditions of the Kievan Russia in T.Shevchenko's creativity
T.Shevchenko's art biographies. To a problem of the intellectual and psychological truth.
Problem of the person and the nature at T.Shevchenko's creativity - the poet and Shevchenko- painter
Romantic treatment in a problem of morals in M.Kostomarov's story "Forty years".
The romantic person in M.Kostomarov's dramatic art.
Theme of a life and death in creativity of Ukrainian romanticists
National variant of the borrowed plots in creativity of Ukrainian romanticists of 20 - 60th in XIX c.
Problem of psychologism at creativity of the Ukrainian poets – romanticists
Literary - aesthetic sights of M.Kostomarov
Problem of freedom of person in T.Shevchenko's creativity.
T.Shevchenko's historiography.
Characters and conflicts in prose of A.Svydnytsky
Creativity of P.Kulish - translator (the collection "Borrowed kobsa ").
T.Shevchenko's traditions in creativity of J.Fedkovich.
An image of the intellectual in I.Nechuy - Levitsky creativity (novels of "Cloud" and "Over Black sea") and P.Mirniy (the story "Narodolyubets" and "Kobzar adventures ").
Theme of "lost force" in P.Mirniy and L.Ozheshko ‘ creativity.
Psychological motivation of images in P.Mirniy's dramatic products (a drama of "Limerivna", a comedy, "Peremudriv").
Psychologism in B.Hrinchenko's stories ("a solar beam", "At the crossroads", "Among dark night", "Under silent willows").
Character and conflict in A.Svidnitstiy's prose.
P.Kulish - translator (the collection "Borrowed kobsa").
T.Shevchenko's traditions in J.Fedkovich's creativity.
"Hogolivska school" in stories of I.Nechuy - Levitsky.
Character of the intellectual at I.Nechuy - Levytsky (novels of "Cloud" and "Over Black sea") and P.Mirniy (the story "Narodoljubets" and "Adventures with Kobzarem").
Features of imaging I.Nechuy- Levytsky historical Romance
Psychological motivation of images in P.Myrny’s dramatic products (a drama of "Limerivna", a comedy, "Peremudriv").
Psychologism in B.Hrinchenko's stories ("a solar beam", "At the crossroads", "Among dark night", "Under silent willows").
Historical figures in M.Staritskiy's dramas "Bohdan Khmelnitskiy", "Marusya Boguslavka", "Siege of Buchi".
Feature of treatment historical figures in M.Staritskogo's novelistic trilogy "Bohdan Khmelnitskiy".
M.Kropivnitskiy's vaudeville "On overhaul" in genre - style context of Ukrainian vaudeville.
Drama of "Naymitka" and theme hireling in Ukrainian literature in XIX c.
Tradition of creativity of Kvitka - Osnovjanenko in I.Karpenko - Kariy ‘s dramatic product- "Martyn Borulya".
The historical hero in Karpenko's creativity - Brown ("Bondarivna", "the Bad spark the field will burn also itself Palivoda XVIII ", "in.", "Gandzja", "Sava Chaly").
Bible themes in Franko's collection "Mine yzmaragd ".
Philosophical principles in Franko ‘s collection "Mine yzmaragd ".
Philosophical conceptualization of history in Franko's poem "On Svyatoyursky grief".
Philosophical conceptualization of the Ukrainian history in Franko's poems "Ivan Vishensky" and "Moisey".
Ethical problems in Franko's products on Bible themes ("Moisey" and "Death of Kaina").
A retrospection and its role in the image of hero in Franko's prose.
Psychologism of dramatic products Franko ("the Stolen happiness", "Teacher", "the Dream of atheling Svyatoslava").
Franko's translation from the West European literatures as the creation factor "I" of the writer.
Literary inheritance of Feodosiy Pechersky.
Formation and development of ornamental style in oral – preach prose in Middle Ages time.
Master's thesis
Illumination of psychology problems in T.G.Shevchenko creativity in creations of the Ukrainian researchers: to history of sights formation
Reception of Shevchenko’s figure in poetry of Lina Kostenko and Ivan Drach
Problem of treason in M.I.Kostomarov's interpretation and I.K.Karpenko-Kariy (on a material of tragedies "Sava Chaly")
Tkachenko , T.Almanah and M.O.Maksimovich ‘ "Kievlyanin"
Image of „Hailstones terrestrial" and “Hailstones Divine" in moral maxims and art thinking of old Ukrainian writers.
Baroque Universalism and its demonstration in the literature.

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