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Head - A. Mojsienko, doctor of philological sciences, professor
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The sub-department of the contemporary Ukrainian language (the head of the sub-department is prof. A.K. Moysiyenko, a member of the Writers’ Union of Ukraine) was established in 1992 as a result of the division of the department of the Ukrainian language, established as early as in 1918. Among its members in earlier times there were famous linguists prof. A. Yu.Krymskyi, prof Y.K. Tymchenko (later-a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR), prof. O.N.Synyavskyi, prof. M.K.Grunsky, prof. I.K.Bilodid (later-an academitian of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR), prof. P. P.Plyushch, prof. I.K.Kucherenko, prof. N.I.Totska, prof. L. O.Kadomtseva, prof. V.V.Koptilov, associate prof. N.P. Korniyenko, associate prof. P.D.Tymoshenko as well as prof. O.I.Bilodid, associate prof.A.P. Mogyla, associate prof. V.V. Morenets, associate prof. O.Y.Pyvovarov and others.

In 1989 a new speciality “computer linguistics” was established at the philological faculty, and in 1992 an educational-academic laboratory of computer linguistics was established by the sub-department of the modern Ukrainian language (the establisher and the first supervisor being the associate prof. L.A.Aleksiyenko, and since 2001 the associate prof. N.P.Darchuk), its major fields of research being the computer lexicography, educational programmes, machine translation etc.

Today academics who work at the sub-department of the contemporary Ukrainian language honourably follow the best traditions of the Ukrainian linguistic school: among them prof. A. K.Moisiyenko, associate prof. N.P.Plyushch, M. Grushevskyi prize winner; associate prof. L.A. Aleksiyenko, associate prof. N.P.Darchuk, associate prof. I.V.Kozlenko, associate prof. O.V.Bas-Kononenko, associate prof. I.M.Aribjanova, associate prof. L.M.Sydorenko, associate prof.V.V.Chumak, associate prof. O.A.Gapchenko, associate prof. L.M.Kostych, associate prof. O. M.Zuban, associate prof., Doctor of Philology Y.L.Mosenkis, prof. P.S.Vovk, assistant lecturers –Candidates of Philology O. M.Matsko, V.V. Kolomyytseva, V. V.Berkovets, S. M.Riznyk and others. The faculty of the sub-department both deliver lectures in the standard courses of modern Ukrainian language, special courses on functional linguistics, basic morphonology, structural linguistics, social linguistics, psychological linguistics, ethnic psycholinguistics etc., and research theoretical issues of grammar of the Ukrainian language, problems of nomination and word building, linguistic analysis of the text, linguistic theory of poetics, phonetic semantics and phonetic stylistics, production and perception of speech, prescriptive linguistics. These and other fields of research at the sub-department are reflected in the monographs of prof. A.K.Moyseyenko “The word in the apperceptive system of the poetic text: decoding Shevchenko’s poems” (K., 1997), “The dynamic aspect of nomination” (K., 2004), associate prof. N.P. Plyushch “The parenthetic intonation in the Ukrainian language” (K., 1986); associate prof., Candidate of Philology Y.L.Mosenkis “The language of the Trypillya culture” (K., 2001). The members of the department compiled the ”Electronic textbook of the Ukrainian language” (associate prof. L. Aleksiyenko, associate prof. N. Darchuk, associate prof. O. Zuban), published manuals in phonetics (associate prof. N. Plyushch, associate prof. O. Bas-Kononenko), morphonology (associate prof. I. Kozlenko), syntax (associate prof. I. Aribjanova), the Ukrainian language for school graduates (associate prof. O. Bas-Kononenko in joint authorship; associate prof. O.M. Matsko, in joint authorship).

The sub-department annually publishes a book of selected academic works “The Ukrainian Linguistics”. There is a linguistic society attached to the sub-department (associate prof. N. Plyushch being its supervisor).

N.P. Darchuk
I.M. Aribjanova
L.M. Sydorenko
V.V. Chumak
O.A. Gapchenko
L.M. Kostych
P. S.Vovk
V.V. Kolomyitseva

List of special courses and seminars:
Correspondent courses

IV Ukrainian corresp.
S.S. “Lexical methods” 6/4 prac. (I/II sem.)

V Ukr. Corresp.
S.C. “Introduction to the structural linguistics” 6 lect. (I sem.)
S.S. “Functional syntax” 6/6 prac. (I/II sem.)

VI Ukr. Corresp.
S.C. “Perception of poetic language” 12 lec. (II sem.)
S.C. “Language skills” 8 lect. (II sem.)
S.C. “Methods of linguistic analysis” 8 lect. (I sem.)
S.C. “Basic linguistic theory of poetry” 12 lect. (II sem.)

Full-time education

III Ukr.
S.C. “The Ukrainian language in the context of prescriptive linguistics” 18 lect. (I sem.)
S.C. “Ethnic psychological features of semantics of nominative units” 17 lect.(II sem.)
S.C. “The problem of decoding of the poetic text” 36 lect. (I sem.)
S.S. “Theoretic issues of grammar” 18/17 pract. (I/II sem.)
S.S. “Functioning of the Ukrainian language norms” 18/17 pract. (I/II sem.)
S.C. “Morphological categories of a verb” 18 lect. (I sem.)
S.C. “Colloquial sources of the Ukrainian language” 34 lect. (II sem.)

IV Ukr.
S.C. “Problematic issues of syntax” 18 lect. (I sem.)
S.C. “Subject and predicate syntaxeme” 18 lect. (I sem.)
S.C. “The problem of language contacts: interference areas of the contemporary Ukrainian language” 18 lect. (I sem)
S.C. “Production of a language” 18 lect. (I sem.)
S.C. “Structural modeling” 18 lect. (I sem.)
S.C. “Archaic words of the Ukrainian language” 26 lect. (II sem.)
S.S. “Poetic vocabulary in the contemporary Ukrainian language” 18/17 pract. (I/II sem.)
S.S. “Linguistic theory of poetics” 18/17 pract. (I/II sem.)
S.S. “Relevant problems of prescriptive linguistics” 18/17 pract. (I/II sem.)
V Ukr.
S.C. “Principles of functional linguistics” 36 lect. (I sem.)
S.C. “Methods of linguistic analysis” 9 lect. (I sem.)
S.C. “Language skills” 18 lect. (I sem.)
Seminar 18 pract. (I sem.)

Master studies
S.C. “Perception of poetic language” 36 lect. (I sem.)
S.C. “Language skills of a linguist” 18 lect. (I sem.)
S.C. “Methods of linguistic analysis” 9 lect. (I sem.)
S.C. “Relevant problems of interperception in linguistics” 18 lect. (I sem.)
A. S. “Linguistic analysis of a poetic text” 18 pract. (I sem.)

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