Department of Theory and Practice of German Translation

Head - Т.R. Кyiak, professor, Doctor of Letters
Phone - 239-31-68
Room - №108


The Department of Theory and Practice of German Translation

(the additional specialization: English Translation)

1. The History of Department

The Department of Theory and Practice of German Translation was set up on 2nd of July 2003 (the head of department – Professor T. Kyiak). The Department boasts qualified staff: Professor O. Kudina, associate professor O. Gumeniuk, associate professor M. Dorofeeva, associate professor M. Ivanytska, associate professor N. Menshykova, associate professor V. Minakov, associate professor S. Ogirok, associate professor N. Liubchuk, PhD (Philology) N. Lalaian, PhD (Pedagogy) L. Kozhedub, one of the best interpreters in Ukraine senior lecturer V. Antonov, assistant L. Dorofeeva, assistant D. Kasianenko, assistant E. Antonova, assistant T.Suprun, assistant O. Kostiuk, assistant A. Potapova, assistant R. Kolesnyk, assistant L. Ponomarenko, four lecturers from Germany and Austria.
Under auspices of Doctor of Letters, professor, people’s deputy of the 2nd convocation, Dr. h. c. of foreign scholarly and research institutions T. Kyiak the scholar school of terminology linguistics, of scientific and technical translation works fruitful and effective. Stylistics, linguistics, literary translation, phraseology, semantics, phonetics belong to the professional interests of our department.
Professor T. Kyiak, associate professor M. Ivanytska, senior lecturer V. Antonov handle the practical problems of translation and interpreting, teaching methods. Theoretical achievements are represented in the following courses: “Theory of Translation”, “Contrastive Lexicology”, “Contrastive Grammar”, “Contrastive Stylistics”, “Scientific and Technical Translation”, “Judicial Branch Translation”.

2. The Department offers the following courses:

• Contrastive Lexicology, Grammar and Stylistics (German and Ukrainian languages)(associate professor M.Dorofeeva, associate professor N. Liubchuk);
• Country Studies (Professor O. Kudina);
• Translation and Interpretation Studies, Theory of Translation (Professor T. Kyiak);
• Communication Strategies (Professor T. Kyiak, associate professor M.Dorofeeva, associate professor S. Ogirok);
• Genre Theories of Translation (associate professor M.Dorofeeva)
• Judicial Branch Translation, Sociopolitical Translation (senior lecturer V. Antonov);
• Scientific and Technical Translation (Professor T. Kyiak, associate professor V. Minakov).

3. The Department has a considerable scientific potential. The research is conducted in the following directions:

• Professor T. Kyiak – Terminology, Translation Studies, Language Politics, Ethnolinguistics, Scientific and Technical Translation, Applied Linguistics;
• Professor O.Kudina–Country Studies, course books;
• Associate professorМ.Ivanytska(is currently at doctoral studies)– Stylistics’ Problems of Translation;
• Associate professor M. Dorofeeva –Translation and Interpretation Theory; Textlinguistics andTextstylistics;
• Associate professor N. Menshykova – methods, course books;
• Associate professor S. Ogirok – Teaching Methods of German, Bologna process;
• Associate professor O. Gumeniuk – methods, credit-unit system;
• Associate professor N. Liubchuk– Phraseological Problems;
• Lecturer D. Kasianenko – Judicial Branch Translation;
• Lecturer T. Suprun – Judicial Branch Translation;
• Lecturer L. Dorofeeva - methods, course books;
• Lecturer A. Potapova - Stylistics’ Problems of Translation;
• Lecturer R. Kolesnyk - Stylistics’ Problems of Translation;

4. Events (seminars, conferences, course books’ publication)

The monthly seminar “Theory and Practice of Translation” is held; the quarterly magazine “Die Brücke” (“The Bridge”) is published by students, the department has created the magazine “Germanic philology in Ukraine” (editor-in-chief professor T. Kyiak) with classification of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles. The scholarly conferences of the Ukrainian high school German Scholars Union (the founder – Professor T. Kyiak) are held annual. Our department has published three monographs, seven course books, nine textbooks, more than 200 scholarly articles. The members of our department are active participants in 8 Bavarian-Ukrainian scholarly conferences. The first domestic course book “Translation Studies (German-Ukrainian direction)” was recognized as one of the best anniversary issues to 175-the anniversary of the University (the authors: T. Kyiak, A. Naumenko, O. Ogui).

5. Students’ leisure activities

Students of our department are active participants in amateur theatricals. They adapt for stage in German. Our theatrical company has already been to Austria with their performances. The head of our department and the students organize camping trips to the Carpathians. The department encourages and organizes the students’ education in German-speaking countries.The close relationship with different institutes and representations of Germany and Austria in Ukraine (German Academic Exchange Service, Austrian Development Cooperation Bureau, Central European Institute (Vienna), Ukrainian Free University (Munich, Germany), Goethe-Institute Ukraine, University of Konstanz (Germany), Institute of Translation Studies (Graz, Austria) promotes such education.

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