Department of German Philology

Head - І.V. Sojkо, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
Phone Numbers - 239-33-81; 33-81
Room №102


The Sub-department of Germanic Philology (the head of the Sub-department – Associate Prof. Soiko I.V.) was founded in 1945. Originally it was named as the Sub-department of the German Language, later – of the Germanic Philology. Its formation and development are closely related to the outstanding linguist, Germanic expert Prof. I.V. Sharoval`s`ky I.V., Prof. Y.O. Zhluktenko, Associate Prof. V.M. Letshyns`ka, Prof. L.I. Prokopova, Associate Prof. A.H. Sovgyra, Associate Prof.V.O. Laznya, Associate Prof. B.P. Naidov, Associate Prof. I.V. Kharytonova, the lecturer O.A. Hrygoryeva, Associate Prof. E.V. Rizvanova, Prof. L.I. Saharchuk, Associate Prof. O.O. Lobach and many other contributed a lot into the development of the Sub-department as the united team of lecturers and academics in the second half of the XX century. Associate Prof. H.M. Budanova, the Associate Prof. V.M. Letshyns`ka, Prof. L.I. Prokopova, Prof. L.I. Saharchuk used to be the heads of the Sub-department.
Staff and academic problem areas: Associate Prof. I.V. Soiko (translation studies, terminology, academic communication); Prof. L.I. Saharchuk (lexicology, discourse studies, comparative intercultural linguistics); Prof. V.V. Kozlovs’ky (theoretical grammar, linguistic pragmatics); Associate Prof. Ivanyts’ky (terminology, country-specific studies, social linguistic); Associate Prof. O.V. Dvuhzhylov (German studies, Dutch studies); Associate Prof. Y.P. Tymchenko (German lexicology, contrastive linguistics, German stylistics); Associate Prof. O.A. Shabliy (translation studies, comparative semantics, Business German); Associate Prof. O.O. Pavlychko (German phraseology and stylistics); Associate Prof. R.Y. Pylypenko (text pragmatics, discourse studies); a lecturer Kuchma (theory of translation, methodology of teaching foreign languages); a lecturer L.V. Nakonechna (methodology of teaching foreign languages); a lecturer L.A. Onanko (methodology of teaching foreign languages, German phonetics); a lecturer T.O. Stolyars’ka (social linguistics, methodology of teaching foreign languages); a lecturer A.O. Feoktystova (comparative studies, theoretical grammar); a lecturer O.Y. Markevych (linguistic country-specific studies, text’s linguistic); lecturer N.V. Medvedovsca (German history, linguistic country-specific studies); M.G. Yurchenko (linguistic and country-specific studies, stylistics and linguistics of a text); a lecturer D.V. Radvan (the Swedish language and literature); Dr. Date Uve (linguistic country-specific studies, the language philosophy).

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